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Welcome to OilOnline! We are the wholesale supplier of lubricants for every application in every sector. Our team has decades of experience with Shell lubricants and top-level technical knowledge. We don't say 'Knowledge is power!' for nothing.

Every machine and vehicle has a longer lifespan with proper maintenance. Using lubricants is essential to keep everything running smoothly. Whether it's oils for cars, lubricants for industry, or food-grade lubricants, you'll find what you need at our oil and lubricant wholesale.

Engine Oil

It is necessary to keep the engine of vehicles in good condition. Engine oil provides protection to the engine and reduces wear. By using engine oil, the friction between the different parts is minimized, preventing wear and tear. Engine oil also prevents the accumulation of dirt particles and rust formation.

Different types of engines require different types of motor oils. For example, a car needs a different type of engine oil than a boat. This ensures that every engine gets optimal protection and care. OilOnline offers the right engine oil for cars, motorcycles & scooters, trucks & buses, tractors & earthmoving equipment, boats, and gas engines. When it comes to buying engine oil, you've come to the right place.

OilOnline has the following brands of engine oil for you: Shell, Q8, Castrol, Mobil, and Total.

Industrial Lubricants

In the industry, lubricating oil is indispensable. There are numerous different industrial lubricants available with various properties for diverse applications. Each component of a machine or system requires a different type of oil. For example, think of gear oil, transformer oil, or hydraulic oil.

OilOnline has the following brands of industrial lubricants for you: Castrol, Fuchs, Houghton, Klüber, Mobil, Q8, Shell, and Total.

Hydraulic Oil

Hydraulic oil is primarily used to transmit forces and energy in hydraulic systems. Additionally, the oil provides protection against corrosion, wear, and cools the systems. There are different types of hydraulic oil available because not every hydraulic installation requires the same hydraulic fluid. OilOnline offers the right hydraulic oil for every hydraulic application.

Transmission Oil

Transmission oil (or gear oil) is necessary for lubricating gears and bearings in the transmission. Transmission oil ensures smooth operation of all components and cools the system to prevent overheating. Unsure about which transmission oil you need for your vehicle? OilOnline is happy to assist you in making the right choice.

Compressor Oil

Compressor oil ensures that compressors remain in good condition. The requirements for compressor oil depend on the type of compressor. Because each type of compressor requires a different compressor oil, it is crucial to use the correct oil. OilOnline has a wide range of compressor oils for different types of compressors. This includes lubricants for reciprocating compressors and screw compressors

Lubricants for Earthmoving Machinery

Earthmoving machinery often faces tough conditions. Sand and water can be a real challenge for these machines, especially after they have been idle for a while. Lubricants for earthmoving machinery prevent friction and ensure a longer lifespan and optimal maintenance.

OilOnline offers the following brands of lubricants for earthmoving machinery: Castrol, Mobil, Q8, Shell, and Total, and coolant from Carix.

Lubricants for Inland Shipping

Specific lubricants are developed for ships and boats used in inland shipping. Our range of lubricants for inland shipping ensures smooth operation of deck equipment on boats and ships. Additionally, it provides effective protection against wear and rust.

OilOnline offers the following brands of lubricants for inland shipping: Klüber and Shell.

Transport Lubricants

Naturally, you want your bus or truck to run smoothly and reliably. The transport sector demands high-quality lubricants. That's why OilOnline offers only top-quality transport lubricants. Additionally, we provide lubricants for trains in our range. Whether you need transmission oil, engine oil, or greases, our products ensure high wear protection, optimal fuel efficiency, and a long lifespan for your vehicle.

OilOnline offers the following brands of lubricants for your truck or bus: Castrol, Mobil, Q8, Shell, Total, and coolant from Carix.

Lubricants for Agriculture

In the agricultural sector, tractors and agricultural machinery often face harsh conditions. Agricultural oil from OilOnline keeps your machines in good condition throughout the seasons. Using the appropriate agricultural oil improves performance and durability of the machinery.

OilOnline offers the following brands of lubricants for agricultural machinery: Q8, Shell, and coolant from Carix.

Metalworking Fluids

Metalworking fluids can be divided into two groups: water-mixable fluids and oil-based fluids. In the metal industry, it is crucial to ensure optimal processes. Proper maintenance is essential. You can find fluids for cleaning, protection, forming, and cutting at OilOnline.

OilOnline offers the following brands of metalworking oil and fluids: Castrol, Fuchs, Houghton, and Q8.

Food-Safe Lubricants

In the food industry, practically the same type of machinery is used as in any other industry. This includes hydraulic systems, compressors, and conveyors. Food-safe lubricants are used for maintaining these machines. These lubricants do not pose a health hazard if they accidentally come into contact with food. Of course, contact with food should be avoided as much as possible.

OilOnline offers the following brands of food-safe lubricants: Fuchs, Klüber, Mobil, Q8, and Total.

Our Brands

OilOnline only selects the best A-brands, ensuring that your machines always run smoothly. We strive for the highest quality.


Castrol stands for innovation and performance and was founded in 1899 under the name CC Wakefield & Company. In the early 1900s, the company started developing lubricants for car and aircraft engines. The goal was to create a motor oil that was neither too thick nor too thin, ensuring optimal performance. This was achieved by adding vegetable oil from castor beans, also known as castrol beans. A new product was born: Castrol. In 1960, the company name was changed to Castrol Ltd.


Fuchs was founded in 1931 by Rudolf Fuchs in Mannheim. They initially imported oil from Pennsylvania and started a regional trade in motor oil. In 1936, Fuchs began producing their own motor oil. Today, Fuchs has grown to become one of the world's leading lubricant manufacturers, with around 60 locations worldwide.

Quaker Houghton

Houghton was founded in 1865 and is a world leader in advanced metalworking fluids. The company is headquartered in Valley Forge and has locations in 33 countries worldwide. In 2020, it officially merged with Quaker, another major supplier of metalworking oil. Their focus is on knowledge, innovation, and efficiency. Houghton is committed to developing fluids that improve machine performance and comply with environmental regulations, among other things.


Klüber was founded by 24-year-old Theodor Klüber on April 1, 1929, in Munich. His grandfather traded petroleum in his drugstore starting from 1870. Lubricants for the first cars and motorized factories were sold by pharmacies and drugstores. Due to the growth of the industry, the demand increased, and Klüber's drugstore decided to build a storage facility for oil and gasoline to supply the entire North Bavaria region. This business was significantly expanded by his son Friedrich Fritz Klüber. Subsequently, his grandson started a retail business for mineral oil and a factory in 1938.


Mobil was founded in 1911 under the name Standard Oil Company of New York (Socony). The trademark 'Mobiloil' was registered in 1920. In 1963, it was changed to the now well-known 'Mobil'. The Mobil brand offers an extensive range of lubricants for cars, engines, industry, and the aviation and maritime sectors.


Shell is perhaps the most well-known brand in the oil industry; who doesn't know the famous shell? The company originated from a close collaboration between N.V. Koninklijke Nederlandse Petroleum Maatschappij and the Shell Transport & Trading Company Ltd. Together, they formed the Royal Dutch Shell Group. In 2004, this collaboration ended, and it became one enterprise: Royal Dutch Shell. Shell offers lubricants for cars, engines, industry, earthmoving, inland shipping, transport, agriculture, and aviation.


Q8, or Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, is the state oil company of Kuwait. It was established in 1980 when the Kuwaiti government decided to consolidate all national oil interests into one company. Q8 is one of the largest companies in the world. Since 1986, products have been sold under the name Q8. Our range of Q8 lubricants includes products for cars, transport, and agriculture. If you are looking for a Q8 product that you don't see on the website, please contact us as we can offer the complete range of Q8 products.


Total is a French oil company that was founded in 1924 under the name Compagnie Française des Pétroles. The company has had several different names. In 1985, it changed its name to Total-CFP and then in 1991 simply became Total. After the acquisition of Petrofina in 1999, the new name became Total Fina. Later, after merging with the French company 'Elf,' it became TotalFinaElf. Finally, in 2003, the name was changed back to 'Total'.

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